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Pet Dog Food Bowl Bottle Automatic Drinking

Pet Dog Food Bowl Bottle Automatic Drinking

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With Water Dispenser: Yes

Power Source: Manual

Min Output: 100g

Max Output: 200g

Time Setting: No

Material: Plastic

Type: cats

Water bottle capacity: 500ML

feeding & watering supplies: cat water fountain

feeding and watering: Cat water fountain

Cat drinker: water fountain for cat

drinking fountain cats water fountain: water fountain cat water fountain

Drinker for cats: Cat drinking fountain

Drinking fountain: water fountain for cats

Bowl for cat: Cat food dispenser

drinking fountain for cats: cat fountain water

pet water fountain: Feeder for cats

feeding and irrigation: Cat food dispenser

Choice: yes


1. Three-in-one cat food water bowl set: Two cat bowls are specially designed for dry and wet separation, allowing multiple pets to eat at the same time
2. Automatically replenish water, control the water level, how much to drink, how much to flow, and control the amount of water at any time
3. Moisture-proof mouth partition, non-wet mouth design, can effectively avoid the problem of pet's mouth hair yellowing due to long-term water ingress, colleagues can also play a role in dust prevention
4. The water bottle can be replaced, and the 28mm water bottle can be used
5. Diverse styles

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